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Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyers in Encino, CA

The A&T Legal Group represents a wide range of people and businesses who need effective legal representation. Whether our team of lawyers are protecting a business from a costly lawsuit or helping someone avoid jail time, our firm will rise to these challenges with professional enthusiasm.

A&T Legal Group is a full and comprehensive legal team providing innovative legal solutions throughout California and beyond. With years of experience, A&T Legal Group provides the personalized service required for each individual’s legal and personal needs.



A&T Legal Group designs specific strategies to ensure optimal outcomes for every case depending on each case’s unique circumstances. A&T Legal Group recognizes the difficulties associated with the legal system; therefore, our Attorneys personally keep an open flow of communication with each respective client, whether the client is an individual or business entity.

E-mail: [email protected]

16133 Ventura Blvd Suite 1440, Encino, 91436, California, HTA6kHdns6dSnwBnT, ChAjKWZtiq4YJ85gb