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Santa Rosa Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

The attorneys at Adams Fietz are experienced in personal injury, and wrongful death cases. No matter how simple or complex the case, our seasoned attorneys provide clients with the aggressive advocacy and professional dedication that win real results, including jury verdicts in the millions of dollars.

When you are in trouble - real trouble - you need a lawyer who knows what the hell he is doing. That’s why we focus our practice on helping those in trouble. We are Sonoma County’s personal injury, criminal defense and nursing home abuse attorneys.

We don’t draft wills or help corporations merge. Jeremy Fietz fights for those injured by the negligence or greed of others and Ben Adams is the voice for those charged with a crime. We don’t just dabble in these areas – we’ve been focused on them for decades. So if you’ve been injured or damaged by someone or charged with a crime, you’ve come to the right place. We have the education, the heart, the skills, the personalities and the proven results to help you.

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