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Philadelphia Divorce, Separation & Family Law Attorneys

The law office of Ahmad & Zaffarese, L.L.C. based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania provides representation and legal aid to individuals who are going through the divorce process.In an effort to assist our clients with understanding the divorce process, including the specific considerations related to divorce law, we offer the following answers to common divorce-related questions.What is an uncontested divorce?The couple involved in an uncontested divorce agrees on all major issues, including custodial arrangements for their children, how to split up their assets, and all monetary support arrangements. These divorces are usually relatively quick and simple to draw up and finalize with a lawyer’s assistance or mediation.What is a contested divorce?The couple cannot reach an agreement on the terms of divorce, including the issues mentioned above. Contested divorces almost always require court intervention in order to decide the contested issues and may take a long time to resolve. An attorney dedicated to seeing that your rights and interests are vigorously represented is a must.What will happen to my marital assets and debts?In Philadelphia and Montgomery County, the division of assets and debts associated with a marriage is known as equitable distribution. The court bases this division on the Pennsylvania Divorce Code in most situations, or what it considers fair according to the state’s established guidelines. This may or may not result in an equal split of the assets and debts, which is why you need an attorney to make sure your rights to property, retirement funds, and possessions are upheld.Our attorneys are licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey's federal and state courts.

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