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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

If you have been charged with a crime in Houston, hire an experienced and affordable criminal defense attorney. I, Alan Cohen, have over 25 years of experience providing cost-effective criminal defense.

I provide each client an honest and straightforward evaluation of their case and am committed to offering my clients quality representation that is reasonably priced.

I personally handle each case. When necessary a private investigator, polygraph examiner and a forensic psychlogist are available to form a team defense.

Practice Areas:
•    Aggravated Sexual Assault     •    Indecency with a Child
•    Aggravated Assault                 •    Injury to a Child
•    Assault - Family Member        •    Juvenile Offense
•    Burglary                                  •    Manslaughter
•    Capital Murder                        •    Murder
•    Criminal Mischief                    •    Parole Violations
•    DWLS                                     •    Probation
•    Drug Crimes                           •    Prohibited Weapons
•    DWI                                        •    Robbery
•    Injury to the Elderly                •    Sealing Your Record
•    Record Expunction                •    Sex Offender Registration
•    Forgery                                  •    Sex Offense
•    Theft                                      •    Weapons and Gun Charge

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