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Personal Injury and Business Litigation firm in Dallas, Texas

Aldous / Walker, LLP is a personal injury and business litigation firm located in Dallas, Texas, services to clients throughout the regions. The attorneys at Aldous \ Walker try cases because we are passionate about helping people.

We take on cases because we believe in a person’s cause, and for us, that belief quickly turns into passion. Time and again, that passion has paid off for our clients, both in terms of dollars awarded by juries – we can match our results with some of the very best in the legal profession – but in terms of change, the kind of change that assures what happened to one of our clients never happens to anyone else.

Our firm’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; some of the most prestigious legal publications in the nation, including Super Lawyers®, Best Lawyers in America®, and U.S. News-Best Lawyers have listed our attorneys as some of the best in the country. Our founding attorney Charla Aldous has even been named the “Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers four separate times, twice for medical malpractice and twice for personal injury.

Our attorneys know and have the respect of judges and opposing counsel. We have been trying all types of civil cases from wrongful death, to birth injuries, to truck accidents for many years, and it’s what we do best. To put it simply, if it involves a civil courtroom and a jury, we’re the team you want in your corner.

Meet Our Experienced Dallas Trial Lawyers

There is a difference—something you get with Charla Aldous and her firm that you may not find elsewhere. It’s as simple as this: our lawyers at Aldous \ Walker LLP believe in our clients. If we don’t believe, we don’t take the case. But when we do, belief quickly turns to passion, which then becomes determination.

That can have a tremendous impact when our lawyers are doing what we do best: standing up in front of a jury and arguing a case. Why? Because jurors can tell whether someone cares, whether an attorney believes in a cause or whether they are simply going through the motions. Ultimately, a lawyer's conviction matters.
We’re Passionate About Client Advocacy

Time and again, the passion and skill of Aldous \ Walker attorneys has paid off for our clients. And not just in terms of dollars that juries award—though the firm can match our results with some of the very best in the legal profession. But what very often matters most is that our lawyers’ efforts have paid off in terms of change, the kind of change that assures that what happened to one of our clients doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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