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Lombard, Illinois Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorneys

No matter what your legal concerns are, navigating the legal system can be an overwhelming experience. Having an attorney who listens to you while skillfully guiding you through the legal process is essential. At Aldrich & Siedlarz Law, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients resolve a wide variety of challenging legal matters, concentrating in the areas of family and criminal law. Attorneys Jacqueline M. Aldrich and Marlene Siedlarz draw on over 20 years of combined legal experience to fight for their clients’ rights and interests both in and out of court.

Our firm provides skilled legal counsel and representation in family and criminal law practice areas, including:

- Divorce - Guiding spouses through the marriage dissolution process, including negotiating and litigating matters such as alimony/maintenance, parental responsibilities and parenting time (formerly known as child custody and visitation), child support, and post decree modifications and enforcement.

- Family Law - Assisting clients with sensitive family law matters such as paternity, adoption and grandparents’ rights.

- Criminal Defense - Defending clients who are being investigated or who have been arrested and/or charged with misdemeanors and felonies, including domestic battery, DUI, traffic offenses, sex crimes, retail theft, and homicide. We strongly advocate for our clients’ rights and can work towards expunging your record whenever possible.

- Criminal and Family Law Appeals - Providing experienced and reasonable counsel for clients seeking to overturn an unfavorable verdict in a criminal or civil case.

- Other Areas of Law - Providing high quality legal counsel and services for personal injury cases, administrative hearings, and probate and guardianship matters.

Having an attorney who is experienced in overlapping practice areas is often helpful in cases where legal matters intersect. For example, our attorneys often handle cases that involve both family law and criminal defense matters, such as domestic violence cases. Our experience allows us to provide a well-rounded approach to a variety of unique legal scenarios.

At our firm, your voice matters. We always take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Our attorneys work closely with you to identify realistic objectives and strategies to achieve your goals. Your interests are always at the forefront of our minds, and we aggressively pursue your interests at every opportunity. We do not offer one-size-fits-all legal services. Rather, we customize our advice and services to the specific needs of each client. Throughout your case, we maintain close contact with you and offer quick turnaround on all communication. We pride ourselves on being highly accessible to our clients. 

Often, the best option for our clients to resolve a legal matter is through negotiation. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators skilled in finding creative solutions that achieve our clients’ goals. Negotiating a settlement saves our clients valuable time and expense as well as the stress of going to trial. When a negotiated agreement is not possible, however, we are always ready to aggressively litigate any matter. Our attorneys have a long track record of successfully litigated resolutions to a variety of legal matters. 

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