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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Attorney Alex Andryuschenko is a top rated Los Angeles DUI attorney who specializes in drunk driving related charges, DMV hearings, DMV hearing appeals and the defense of other criminal and traffic cases.

Alex Andryuschenko is licensed in California and the Federal Courts representing clients throughout California, Member of California DUI Lawyer Association. While he is based in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, he is well known in criminal courts throughout Southern California and handled many cases in all neighboring counties.

From the time he graduated from UCLA law school (one of the top law schools in the country) Alex Andryuschenko specialized in defending drunk driving related cases where he helped hundreds of citizens, often, defending indefensible cases. He has more than 14 years of DUI defense experience.

Attorney Alex Andryuschenko can help you for the following 4 reasons:

1. Specialization in DUI defense. In his practice he almost exclusively focused on DUI defense for the past 13 years during which he gained invaluable experience, knowledge, and expertise in defending DUI cases, DMV cases and other traffic related or DUI related criminal cases.

2. Aggressive representation: His knowledge of the “system”, credibility, respect, and personal relationship with some judges prosecutors and DMV hearing officers gives him the ability to select the best strategy for your case that will get you the best outcome for your DUI and DMV cases.

3. Free Consultation: You do not need to pay to talk to an attorney. Attorney Alex Andryuschenko will give you a free consultation about your where he will assess your chances of winning your case or explaining how you can get the best results for your specific case. In many cases you will know ahead of time if it is a waste of money to hire an attorney for your case.

4. Great Payment Plan with affordable rates: you can pay as little as $500.00 upfront for a high quality representation in court and at the DMV. Our ability to keep the cost of our business down allows us to pass the savings to you and offer quality defense at affordable price.

Many cases handled by DUI Attorney Alex Andryuschenko have resulted in dismissals or verdicts of not guilty. Often, his negotiating skills or aggressive advocacy convinced judges and prosecutors to dismiss some or all of the charges. When negotiation fails, attorney Alex Andryuschenko will not hesitate the take your case to a jury trial where he will do his best to convince the jury to deliver a verdict of not guilty on all charges.

Not only Alex Andryuschenko is skilled in defending criminal cases, but he also litigates all aspects of a DMV prosecution from the administrative per se hearings to the writs appeal to the Superior Court.

Do not wait until your court date to contact attorney Alex Andryuschenko. Many times he can get a criminal case rejected before the court date because of his reputation with the police investigators, the prosecutors and judges.

If you or your loved one is arrested, call Alex Andryuschenko to start working on your case right away.  Not only he is is able to provide a quality representation at affordable price but he can also help you save your freedom, the driving privilege and your jobs.

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian



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