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Boca Raton, Florida Immigration Attorney

With a potent mixture of location, politics, industry – and most importantly, diversity – South Florida attracts professionals from all walks of life. Perhaps no one else has experienced just what this community has to offer than Boca Raton-based attorney, businessman, and statesman Alfred Zucaro, Jr.

Palm Beach County offers a rapidly-growing landscape of technological and environmental-related industries. This makes it an attractive multicultural hub for many global corporations. Al Zucaro’s years of experience in international commerce eventually led him to found the World Trade Center Palm Beach. As a lawyer, Al Zucaro has also firmly established himself as a leading authority in immigration law.

His dedication to improving south Florida’s reputation as a destination for multinational business is reflected in his efforts in securing business and investment visas for qualified applicants. Al Zucaro demonstrates the insight, experience, and tenacity necessary to overcome immigration obstacles for those pursuing a new life in the United States. Specialties include:

Immigrant Investor EB-5 Visa
An EB-5 work visa encourages applicants to invest in their new community. Qualifying for this visa can expedite the immigration process.

Employment-Based Immigration EB-1 Visa
Those with high level secondary education deserve to have their dedication pay off. Preference may be given to EB-1 applicants depending on their field.

Treaty Trader/Investor E1 and E2 Visas
These visas are available for applicants pursuing long-term business objectives in the United States. Unlike other visas, there is no minimum investment required.

Intra-Company Transfer L-1 Visa
This visa is for essential employees that are making the move to live and work in the United States.

Foreign Worker H-1B Visa
These visas are temporary in nature. They’re required for foreign nationals working for their employer in the United States.

Many times the success of an immigration petition depends on a lawyer’s competence. In addition to experience, an immigration lawyer must be able to quickly solve, overcome, or adapt to issues that may arise during the process. Communication between lawyer and client is essential. Al Zucaro works to uncomplicated the immigration process, provide up to date legal counsel, and answer all your inquiries and concerns as effectively as possible.

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