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International Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Aliant® provides its clients with exceptional lawyers focused on servicing client needs. We work efficiently and cost effectively. We practice globally, combining cross-border transactional and litigation expertise with knowledge of local law, and local connections. 

Our business model maximizes partner availability to clients, prioritizes experience over billings, and reduces client fees.

Each of our clients is serviced by a bespoke team of partners, selected from offices around the world and drawing on our various areas of expertise and excellence. For every personal and business transaction that crosses a border, there is an Aliant partner.

Each of our lawyers has been hand-picked as a leading expert in his or her field of practice. These are “stars” who have practiced at some of the world’s leading law firms and attended some of the finest law schools. But that is just the start. To qualify for partnership in Aliant, the lawyer must continue to publish industry-leading work, teach seminars, and have a stellar reputation among his or her peers.

Aliant® is a global law firm with a strong local presence. For our clients, we are fierce advocates, friends and business partners, with a firm commitment to each client’s success and well-being.

For our law partners, we are allies, with a wide mix of cultures, experiences and skill sets. We always strive for excellence and continued improvement. With our clients, law partners and employees, we build supportive relationships, based on trust and mutual respect.

16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000, Los Angeles, 91436, California, HTA6kHdns6dSnwBnT, 3QnSrTMJrTmZSkoHa