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Top IP and Patent Attorney - Ultra Competitive Rates

Alloy Patent Law was established to help inventors protect their intellectual property and built from the ground up to serve their specialized legal needs. We provide better service at lower costs than other firms because the practice was designed with only inventors' legal needs in mind.

Alloy is a highly specialized practice that works with select clientele in order to provide pricing and a level of service that is unmatched.

The practice was built to provide the access that inventors need by reducing costs and legal fees.

Alloy dramatically reduces overhead by operating a specialized virtual practice that eliminates the physical office. There are multiple benefits to this model.

Inventors receive much improved access to their attorney. Phone or video conferences have proven highly effective and far more convenient to clients, while meetings can be scheduled more flexibly and on shorter notice than traditional in-person meetings.

Alloy has invested in developing a highly efficient and flexible support staff that also operates virtually and remotely, further reducing overhead. Alloy specializes in the specific legal services that artists and inventors require, which allows for significantly improved efficiency over general practice firms that offer IP.

All of these savings are passed directly to our clients. Despite the significant savings, Alloy clients enjoy superior representation and access to a top IP lawyer. 

Alloy clients can expect superior pricing, unparalleled access to their attorney, excellent representation, and an experience that cannot be matched by big law.

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