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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Legal Help in Arkansas

Bankruptcy often results from events that are beyond anyone’s control, such as plant closings, only part time work available, sudden illness of you or a family member, lay-offs, slow down in the economy, serious personal injuries, and many more.  Most of our clients never thought they would need us.  Many have used up their savings or retirement accounts before calling.  Many have attempted to consolidate their debts through a third party company, but the relief they sought never occurred.  You do not have to wait that long before taking control of your life again.  Bankruptcy offers a second chance.  You can get relief from credit card debt that is unmanageably high, house payments your salary cannot cover, unforeseen medical bills that have stacked up, lawsuits and judgments, car payments on cars that aren't practical, gambling debts that have gotten out of control, and many other things.

For whatever the reason you might find yourself needing to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection, we provide experienced assistance to get you from being overloaded with debt to getting relief through bankruptcy and starting over.  Our attorneys, Donald K. Campbell, III and Kendel W. Grooms are here to help you and, if you choose to ask us for help, you will talk directly with one of them about your situation.

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