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San Diego, California Workers' Compensation and Disability Lawyers

The Law Office of Atcheson and Kepler in San Diego, CA, handles worker's compensation and disability injury cases. The firm can take on any type of injury case, representing about 10,000 people. The firm has protected the rights of injured people throughout Imperial County and San Diego County for more than 22 years. Lawyers at the firm bring more than 20 years of experience to the table. They help those who have unresolved legal issues with Social Security claims and on-the-job accidents. They have recovered more than $85 million on behalf of their clients. They understand the law and how the Social Security Administration manages claims. They can expertly find the solutions that will resolve the case.Attorneys with the Law Office of Atcheson and Kepler get information about all issues related to their injuries, including how to get medical attention. They take an aggressive and thorough approach, paying close attention to every detail of the workplace accident claim. They focus on getting the best result within the boundaries of the law applicable to the case.

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