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New Haven Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Axelrod & Associates LLC is an employment law firm located in Woodbridge, Connecticut, recognized and recommended throughout the area for its lawyers' strong commitment to the rendering of justice for those wronged by their employers. Whether you were discriminated against by a prospective employer, a current employer or a former employer, the lawyers know how to secure for you the outcome that you need in order to move forward.The attorneys know that if you have lost your job or been denied employment as a result of discrimination, that you are facing unpaid wages or a lack of income, and that the situation feels terribly unjust. That reality is what instills in the lawyers a passion for helping the clients that they serve.Whether your matter can be solved out of court or it requires litigation, the lawyers take pride in asserting the positions of clients with the tenacity required to make a substantial impact and obtain the needed results. Axelrod & Associates LLC is a leading choice for employees in the Woodbridge and New Haven areas who have been treated unfairly in regard to their employment.

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