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Litigation Law Firm

Baach Robinson & Lewis PLLC is an experienced law firm with a track-record of success to provide unexcelled service. When leading corporations, financial institutions, insurers, and professionals face the most complex, high-stakes problems—liability claims, insolvency, insurance or reinsurance disputes, government relations initiatives, employment issues, or white-collar criminal defense—they turn to Baach Robinson & Lewis. We know how to solve problems and win for our clients, in court, at the negotiating table, with regulators, and with legislators.We have earned an international reputation for exceptional litigation prowess and resourceful problem-solving in high-profile cases—from the world’s largest bank insolvency (BCCI) to a billion-dollar RICO judgment to summary product liability defense verdicts to representing underwriters at Lloyd's of London for 25 years.While we are a noted national and international firm, we are smaller, more agile, and focused on client service and client goals—for organizations and matters of all sizes. Our clients turn to us because of our "intelligent" solutions to their pressing problems—solutions crafted by lean, diverse, hands-on teams of elite trial attorneys, seasoned prosecutors and criminal-defense practitioners, trained mediators, regulatory experts, and experienced leaders in government relations. That means maximum know-how and judgment, minimum bureaucracy, and reasonable costs.Thanks in large part to our reputation as tough, thorough, and formidable litigators, we can often achieve the sought after results for our clients through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, without the expense of going to trial.We pride ourselves on our reputation as an "intelligent," principled, and diverse firm. We like to think that is why so many of our clients have remained so loyal for so many years.

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