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Bankruptcy and Debt Management in Illinois

The Bankruptcy Clinic, PC is your first step to a fresh start. We pride ourselves on being the largest bankruptcy filer in Southern Illinois outside of the East St. Louis metropolitan region.

We help clients reduce and eliminate debts through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. In every case, our goal is to help our clients obtain as much debt relief as possible, while protecting their property to the maximum extent possible.

Our firm gives the extra effort needed to develop the right solution for our clients. We spend more attorney time with you than any other firm we are aware of:
- Free initial consultation — A lawyer will meet with you in person to review your situation and explain your bankruptcy options. If bankruptcy is not the right solution for you or you have better alternatives, we feel it is our job to tell you so.
- Intake meeting — Once you are committed to moving forward, we will schedule a second, two hour meeting with one of our attorneys. This will be an in-depth discussion of your finances, assets, and a thorough explanation of the bankruptcy process. We do not accept any money from you until you are fully informed and are committed to moving forward. If we cannot obtain all of the information necessary in one meeting, or you are still not sure, we will schedule as many meetings as it takes to collect all of the information necessary for your case.
- Signing meeting — After you have committed to filing and we have completed the preparation of your Petition and Schedules, we spend about another hour of attorney time with you to sign the documents and finalize everything. We will answer all your questions and give you a clear understanding of what will happen next and when.

After you have thoroughly reviewed your documents, we file your bankruptcy petition and supporting materials electronically. You will likely have to attend one meeting about one and one-half months later in front of a bankruptcy trustee. This is not in a courtroom or in front of a judge. Your name will not appear in the local newspaper. We will represent you at this brief hearing and handle all other details regarding your bankruptcy filing. The vast majority of our clients never have to go into a courtroom or appear in front of a judge.

We will work to obtain the maximum debt relief for you, while allowing you to keep as much of your property as possible. In a fairly short period of time, you will be on the road to a better future for yourself and your family.

For a free consultation with the Bankruptcy Clinic, PC., call us or contact us online. We have offices in Carbondale, Marion and Mt. Vernon, Illinois, to serve you. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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