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Over $1 Billion Recovered for 9/11 Cancers and Other Illnesses

Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson has proudly given the past 10 years of its existence to representing and fighting on behalf of victims of the many varieties of cancer and disease afflicting the first responders of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

Congress and medical science have both confirmed what had long been painful knowledge among the many New York City firefighters, policeman, and bystanders who suffered exposure to the clouds of toxic dust and debris - that several dozen cancers, respiratory illnesses, and other afflictions can be traced to Ground Zero, and that each and every one of those suffering is in need of deserved and thankful compensation. Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson has dedicated nearly the whole of its practice to helping those victims receive both aid and a measure of peace.

Founding attorney Michael Barasch has a long and proud history of collaboration with the September 11th Fund, representing to date many thousands of people for whom the fund was established, ensuring that each received benefits that might otherwise never have appeared. His firm has kept in close touch with fund directors, government workers, and the legal process that has finally expanded benefits to include all remaining victims of toxic exposure to the 9/11 crash site, even those who symptoms are quite late in appearing. The law extending the benefits themselves is, in fact, named after one of the firm's earlier clients, policeman James Zadroga, whose name now serves as the banner under which the firm's New York office dispenses counsel and aid to former New Yorkers all across the country.

The last remaining victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are now able to legally seek compensation and medical attention. Few firms have more expertise than Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson, the very same lawyers whose experience, patience, and litigation has been around as long as the victims themselves, and whose work on their behalf is still bearing fruit.



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