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Colorado Springs Drug Crime, Conspiracy Charge and Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re facing criminal charges and you need advice, a criminal defense lawyer at Barker & Tolini can point you in the right direction. We’ll answer all your questions in full detail and recommend the steps to take to address any legal challenges with which you may be dealing. If you need to go to court in Colorado Springs, CO, we’ll strive to get any charges against you reduced or dismissed.

We recognize that everyone’s legal situations are different, so we’ll give you personal attention when you become one of our clients. Our law firm accepts cases involving:
- DUI law
- Drug crime law
- Violent crime law
- Domestic violence law

Call Barker & Tolini today to speak to a lawyer who will go to great lengths to keep your rights out of jeopardy. We work with clients in the Colorado Springs area who don’t want to have to face judges and prosecutors alone.

Our clients have lives and families. They have a future, and they deserve an opportunity to protect it with help from a strong, committed criminal defense lawyer.

At Barker & Tolini PC we uphold our clients' constitutional rights and fight back against the circumstances that have landed them in the criminal justice system. We challenge the evidence against them and find opportunities for reduced charges, reduced sentences and the prevention of incarceration.

Our firm is composed of attorneys Jeff Barker and Joshua Tolini. Together, they bring more than 30 years of combined experience in Colorado criminal defense. Their passion for law is founded in an awareness of the biased nature of much of the criminal justice system. Even early on in their careers, it was evident to both Mr. Barker and Mr. Tolini that racial profiling, illegal search and seizure and otherwise unjust incrimination happens every day at the hands of law enforcement and prosecution.

Experience has shown them not only the challenging circumstances their clients are up against, but also how to uncover the creative and technical details that make a difference in cases of drug offenses, DUIs, domestic violence, sex offenses and accusations of violent crimes.

Our law firm is known as one of the most imaginative and effective criminal defense firms in Colorado Springs, CO and throughout Colorado. It is demonstrated in the high-profile cases we have worked, including sophisticated cases that involved taking on the Drug Enforcement Administration's federal task force and the COMMIT Team.

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