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Personal Injury Attorney in Kansas City, MO

At the Barnes Law Firm LLC in Kansas City, our approach to the law is somewhat different than that of many other firms. We realize that you have put your complete trust in us and in return, we put all our efforts into working hard for you. Our ability to secure strong results in personal injury, civil rights and employment law cases stems from our experience and commitment to justice. Where other firms might take a quick and easy settlement that leaves you less than fully compensated, we know that you deserve more. Where some may see your matter as just another case, we recognize that your injury or claim is likely affecting your entire way of life. This is why we work and prepare every case as if we were representing members of our own families.

When you’ve been hurt or mistreated, it can seem like the system is stacked against you. Powerful insurance companies, government authorities and employers have tremendous resources that they can use to silence your voice. Our firm understands this and fights to even the odds for our clients with lawyers who are:
- Aggressive litigators — We aren’t looking to make defendants comfortable but to find creative ways to collect maximum financial recoveries in civil rights, personal injury and employment law matters.
- Respected leaders — As experienced attorneys with a long record of successful results, colleagues, judges and adversaries take our arguments seriously and give the people we represent the respect they deserve.
- Strong courtroom advocates — Though we are often able to resolve claims quickly through favorable settlements, we are skillful courtroom advocates who are never afraid to go to trial if that’s what works best in your particular case.

No matter what your claim entails, it’s important to obtain informed counsel promptly so you can assert your rights effectively. To help you do this, we offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients.

Our firm advocates for Missouri and Kansas clients facing legal challenges relating to:
- Personal injury — We handle all types of personal injury and wrongful death actions so that victims and their families can secure fair compensation for harm related to slip and fall incidents, dog bites, defective products and other instances of negligence. For claims concerning medical malpractice, birth injuries, amputations, traumatic brain injuries and other complex matters, our firm has the resources to prepare forceful, detailed arguments.
- Employment law — In state and federal employment law matters, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination claims, we’ll pursue a resolution that ensures you receive the payment and/or workplace treatment you are entitled to.
- Civil rights — For civil rights concerns including police and prison brutality, housing restrictions, and unlawful First Amendment retaliation, we are dedicated legal counselors who are committed to securing fundamental rights.
- Consumer fraud — If you’ve been victimized by consumer fraud, we’ll explain what legal remedies are available and will advocate for you against dishonest businesses.
- Vehicle accidents — When a crash occurs, we provide comprehensive counsel on accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians. Our attorneys also have the experience and background to press for justice in a full range of railroad accident matters, including FELA claims made by injured train and railyard workers.

From the moment a potential legal claim arises, potentially liable parties might pressure you to accept a settlement that doesn’t truly reflect the harm you’ve suffered. Detailed advice from a knowledgeable lawyer gives you best the chance of achieving a fair resolution.

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