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Elder Law and Estate Planning Lawyers in Michigan

The law is not easy to navigate. While laws and legal documents are written to be explicit so as not to get bogged down in battles over phrases that are open to interpretation, the rigid terms and language make understanding the law that much more difficult. Even the process of fulfilling a will or starting a business is made that much more complicated by the countless state and federal laws that must be accounted for.

At Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras, our skilled estate planning and probate attorneys in Troy, MI can break down the legal language and guide you through your legal issue. From estate planning and elder law to probate, litigation, business law, and real estate law, our experience lawyers ensure clients are protected, cared for, and prepared to fight for what they need. We fight for our clients as though they were members of our own family.

For over 40 years, our attorneys in Troy, MI have excelled in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Litigation, Probate, Business Law and Real Estate Law. We insist on helping our clients know and understand their legal rights and are proud to have helped thousands of people achieve successful outcomes.

Our attorneys are highly credentialed and each brings a blend of expertise to every legal scenario. We are highly respected and have been recognized for our contributions across the region. Our experience ranges from lectures, articles, blogs and books to professional and community affiliations.

Understanding the complicated terminology of the law is our responsibility. But unlike other firms, we also think it’s crucial to break down the legalese and explain things so our clients understand it, too. We’ll communicate with you, avoiding the legal-speak that can be confusing and confounding.

Our lawyers know that settling people’s affairs is only part of our job. We also want you and your loved ones to feel comfortable with the process. We don’t just take on your case. We protect and care for your family as if it’s our own.

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