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Reinsurance Law Firm

The Bazil Group represents insurers and reinsurers of all sizes on a global basis.  Our client base spans six continents. Representing a large number of cedants, reinsurers and insolvencies has provided us with detailed industry knowledge and experience in a broad range of matters.

We are routinely involved in recovering bad debt, locating assets and assisting clients exiting markets via commutation. Our extensive experience includes serving as lead counsel in numerous arbitration proceedings and collection actions.

In addition, over the past decades we have negotiated hundreds of commutations, often contentious, successfully representing insurers and reinsurers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

With our multilingual staff,  network of industry contacts and decades of experience, our success rate is unmatched.

Rather than follow a standardized set of procedures, we custom-tailor our services to meet each client's unique needs at a given point in time, and we regularly modify our services to adapt to changing market conditions.

Our approach entails regular interaction throughout the engagement, ensuring that our clients remain as active partners who are continually aware of the status of our efforts on their behalf.

For companies that want to complement their internal resources, we can, and have, worked closely with the client's in-house recovery team, serving as the team's legal department and becoming an integral part of the client's recovery effort. 

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and the value of time and money. While many firms are quick to take matters to litigation, we execute all reasonable efforts to resolve disputes amicably. We can, and do, litigate when necessary.

In the United States and in other jurisdictions where permissible, we often handle cases on a contingency basis, forgoing a fee unless we are successful in recovering obligations owed to our clients.

Furthermore, our clients can count on an exceptional caliber of counsel and representation. Active involvement in a number of prestigious legal associations and professional organizations in the insurance/reinsurance sector ensures that our attorneys remain a step ahead of the issues that impact our clients. The firm regularly hosts continuing education programs. All attorneys and paraprofessionals must obtain advanced certification and designations in the reinsurance field. Our ongoing commitment to developing and improving our attorneys' reinsurance skills is unparalleled.

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