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Bloomfield Hills, MI Divorce Attorney

In 2002, attorney Lori D. Becker founded Becker Legal, P.C. out of a desire to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to family law. At our firm, we listen to what you want. Your situation is unique, and deserves creative, thoughtful representation.

Too often, the legal process ignores the far-reaching emotional aspects and consequences of a separation. Utilizing collaborative process techniques and honed negotiation skills, we will strive to help you reach an amicable resolution that meets your needs.

At Becker Legal, P.C. we know ending a partnership is tough. While no separation is easy, we strive to make the process simpler and less stressful for our clients. We will answer your questions, and keep you informed.

Attorney Lori D. Becker’s specialized training ensures you quality representation in settlement sessions. A certified mediator and exceptional negotiator, Ms. Becker will provide the assistance you need throughout the process.  We give our clients the tools to emerge from their legal proceedings feeling confident about their future and their relationship with their family. At our firm, your success is our success. We want to empower you to make your own decisions, rather than giving up your power to a third party and letting them make all the decisions for you and your family.

Becker Legal, P.C. focuses on:
- Divorce
-- Collaborative Divorce
-- “Kitchen Table”
-- Mediation
-- Scribing (sometimes referred to as “One Lawyer”)
- Post-Judgment Issues
- Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
- Cohabitation Agreements
- Family Creation Agreements
- Partnership Dissolution Negotiations
- Unbundled Services 

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