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Miami, Florida Drunk Driving and DUI Defense Lawyers

Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law is a criminal defense law firm located in Miami, Florida with nearly half a century of collective experience between the members of the firm's legal team. They have successfully defended against a broad spectrum of charges ranging from misdemeanors to murder, and they are prepared to handle your matter with precision and a determination to win.Their understanding of clients' plight is what drives the attorneys to provide the passionate representation which reflects their belief in working diligently toward the protection of rights. They know that a conviction could jeopardize all of the most important aspects of your life, and they are qualified to see that such a circumstance is not actualized. Your attorney will help you to understand your situation legally speaking, and help guide you through proactive steps to maximize your odds in court.Known throughout the local community for both their professionalism and for their aptitude, the lawyers of Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law are masters of personal injury negotiation and litigation. Their sincerity is clear in the personable, ethical and honest service which they unerringly provide to each client.

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