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Employment Law Firm in New York

The Bell Law Group, PLLC is one of the most recognized names when it comes to representing the rights of Federal Employees. We represent Federal Employees from all Agencies in matters involving discipline, EEO, MSPB, Security Clearance and Disability Retirement. We have built our reputation on successfully representing the interests of Federal Employees with decades of collective experience. We have successfully litigated cases on behalf of federal employees across the U.S. and abroad in lawsuits against every governmental agency, including the USDA, CBP, DHS, TSA, SS, USPS, CIA, DOD, and others. We handle a variety of issues arising under federal employee law, including discrimination, MSPB, disciplinary matters, Disability Retirement, security clearance and whistleblower retaliation. 

We represent companies from Fortune 500 to small businesses in matters involving wage and hour disputes, sexual harassment or discrimination claims and more. We have successfully handled litigation on behalf of supermarkets, restaurant owners, airline companies, valet companies, and others. We understand the balance of rigorously defending these claims and at the same time understanding that time as well as litigation is costly. Our aggressive approach throughout the course of litigation as well as pre-litigation investigation often results in an early positive resolution for our client. We also offer services to minimize risk of litigation, such as HR and management training, investigations, drafting employment and/or severance agreements and performance auditing to ensure FLSA and State Law Compliance.

At The Bell Law Group, PLLC, we represent private employees in New York against their employers in overtime disputes, other pay and wage disputes, sexual harassment matters, severance agreement matters and discrimination cases. If you feel your employer has wronged you on some level, take action. With our dedicated team by your side, you will not have to stand alone in your fight. Instead, you will have experienced litigators advocating for your rights and working to protect your future.

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