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Norfolk County, Massachusetts Family Law Attorney

Belle F. Soloway: In my 25 years of practice, I have found that my clients are much happier with the result of their family law dispute if they have had a say in the outcome. That is why I spend time educating my clients about the law and working in partnership with them to come up with realistic solutions. I also encourage my clients to try to resolve their family law issues through negotiation, mediation, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution. That being said, there are many situations in which the conflict is too intense or the other party refuses to compromise and litigation is necessary. In these cases, I will take your issues to court and argue vigorously for your rights.

I have many years of experience helping individuals and families get through hard times. I started my career with this goal in mind. I entered law school after working as a paralegal at Legal Services offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Seattle, Washington. I gained exposure to the vast array of legal problems that impact parents and their children and realized that I could be a more effective advocate with a law degree.

When I started my own law practice I began to receive Guardian ad Litem appointments from the Probate and Family Courts. As a Guardian ad Litem, I evaluated family law matters from the perspective of all of the parties, especially the children. This helped me to better understand the complexity of family law and the struggles encountered by fathers, mothers, and their minor children.

Throughout the years I have also developed a specialty in child abuse and neglect. I was co-counsel in a highly-publicized case of the "A" family against Boston Children's Hospital, which had falsely accused the parents of child abuse. The Boston Globe followed this case in detail. I helped the parents defend themselves against these charges and gain back custody of their children.

In divorce, custody, and all family law matters, tensions can skyrocket and people can become overcome by emotions. Sometimes it may seem tempting to give up — to forego child or spousal support or allow the other spouse to keep the house. Similarly, when you are threatened with losing custody of your child or are falsely accused of abuse or neglect your anger and frustration may blind you to solutions within your reach. As an experienced counselor and litigator, I can help you get beyond the outrage as we work together to preserve your rights and secure a fair and just resolution.

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