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Family Law, Criminal Defense and Civil Law Attorneys in Las Vegas

Family law, criminal law and civil law can all touch people's lives at a profound level. Family law can affect when and how you spend time with and raise your children as well as your financial and emotional future. Criminal law can affect your rights as a citizen, your future, your freedom and, possibly, your life itself. Civil law can affect your life relative to your dealings with other people and entities, whether it be business-related, contract-related or even injury-related.

Family law attorney Peter Bellon founded this firm in 1993 and soon gained a reputation for providing exceptional legal representation and personal service to clients. In 2003, he was
joined in the practice by criminal defense and civil law lawyer Lance Maningo.

Today, Bellon & Maningo, Ltd., is a multi-attorney firm with an experienced staff of paralegals and assistants that serves clients in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. The firm represents Las Vegas visitors from throughout the U.S. and around the world, particularly in the criminal defense and civil law areas of our practice.

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