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California Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Attorneys

After a serious accident, you may face a long and difficult recovery. With the right medical care, however, you can have a successful recovery. With the right legal advocacy, you can obtain peace of mind regarding your long-term financial stability and your ability to cover costs while your injury claim is in progress.

At Bender & Gritz, APLC, we help people who have been injured at work or due to another person's carelessness obtain full and fair compensation. We handle a wide variety of injury cases for people throughout Southern California, including:

PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS: motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, boating accidents, dog bites, unsafe products and more

WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE CLAIMS: for construction workers, service industry workers, industrial workers, retail workers, office workers and many more

LONGSHORE AND HARBOR WORKERS' INJURY CLAIMS: for all types of harbor and bridge workers, including shipbuilders and repairmen, crane and forklift operators, and divers

WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIMS: in all variety of circumstances and against some of the toughest odds

As one of the few San Diego law firms that handle both personal injury and workers' compensation cases, we understand the complex interactions between workers' compensation and private injury lawsuits that can affect the outcomes of third-party workplace accident claims.

Languages: English, Spanish

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