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Honolulu Business and Corporate Transactions Law Firm

Since 1974, Bendet Fidell Sugimura, AAL, ALC has represented Hawaii's business community, from individual entrepreneurs, local businesses, and small and large national corporations. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services in a responsive, timely, and cost-efficient manner, and to developing productive, long-term relationships with each of our clients.

The firm maintains a general business practice with emphasis in real estate, landlord/tenant, construction, corporate law, estate planning, employment, and intellectual property law, and civil litigation relating to those areas of practice    

Origin Of The Firm. We were organized as a law partnership comprised of 3 lawyers (Jim Whitfield, Ed Bendet and Jay Fidell) in 1974. We incorporated as a law corporation in 1976 and have done business in that form ever since. We now have 7 lawyers in the firm. Our offices are located in the ASB Tower of Bishop Square, in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.

Quality Of Our Work. We pride ourselves on the training and experience of our lawyers, and our staff, and the quality of the work we have been able to provide to our clients, and the results we have been able to achieve for them, over the years.

Turnaround Time. We know how important it is to establish and meet deadlines for the completion of assignments, and we strive to respond to our clients, and provide the services they request, with minimum turnaround time.

Client Communications. We have always appreciated the value of communications with our clients and make special effort to keep our clients advised of all significant documents and developments taking place in the matters we are handling for them. In large part, this site is an expression of that policy.

The Fees We Charge. We bill our clients monthly on the basis of professional time expended plus costs advanced. We feel our rates are quite competitive. Our desire in any event is to plan and execute the work we do on any given matter to avoid unnecessary delay or expense, and thus to minimize our fees and out of pocket costs.   We gladly accept credit card payments through PayPal.

Systems Technology. We are strongly committed to the development of our practice through technology. We have a well-developed computer network and software systems in our office, and we have invested considerable effort over the years to train our lawyers staff in the use of software systems that will enable them to serve our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Community Service. The firm and its lawyers have supported and participated in many professional, educational, charitable and community activities, institutions and projects, and we are proud of our efforts in that regard. A number of our lawyers are active in local arts organizations, trade associations and the local political parties.

Law School Award. Starting in 1996 the Bendet, Fidell Award was presented, in the form of a cash prize to the law student who achieves the highest performance in corporations or business law at the William S. Richardson School of Law of the University of Hawaii. Recipients of this award have included Nancy J. Youngren (1996), Sandra L. Wilhide (1997), Mark M. Murakami (1998), Quinn N. Plant (1999), Brian A. Costa (2001), Brendan S. Bailey (2002), Kim D. Chanbonpin (2003), and Marion L. Reyes-Burke and Christopher M. Terry (2004), Erin Prahler (2005), Larissa Schwartz and Saori Takahashi (2006), Bradley Davis (2007). Kee Campbell, Joseph Dane and Brandon Segal (2008).

Representative Clients. We have established long term relationships with a great many business clients in Hawaii and elsewhere over the years. The names of representative clients may be furnished on request.

1001 Bishop Street, Suite 710, Honolulu, 96813, p4cSNj23phJMn63Hr, wYaH9wLMPKMcrc6Co, postaladdress