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New Brunswick, New Jersey Criminal Law & Defense Attorneys

The law firm of Benedict and Altman handles all types of criminal proceedings in all levels of courts, from traffic violations in municipal court to felonies in New Jersey and federal courts. Our firm fights to protect our clients, from negotiated pleas to trials and appeals.Benedict and Altman also represent clients in Expungements of prior arrests or convictions in New Jersey courts.Benedict and Altman have been serving the criminal defense needs of the community since 1978. Benedict and Altman are always focused on how to best represent you, no matter the criminal charge. Our trial lawyers handle some of the most serious offenses and complex criminal cases.At Benedict and Altman, you get focused personal attention and experienced counsel. At every step, we make sure you understand all of the legal issues and consequences involved in your case.Our firm understands that every client considers his or her own case to be the most important case in our office. We fight for the best result for every client.

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