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The law firm of Berger and Green works with the Social Security Administration everyday. Our attorneys know how the Social Security system operates and we know how to win Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims. Berger and Green can handle every step in your disability process including: Complete and File Your Application; Appeal Your Denial; Request Medical Records; Gather Evidence For Your Claim; and Represent You At Your Social Security Hearing. A Social Security Disability attorney can answer your questions throughout the process. If you receive any notification from the Social Security Administration we will talk to you and explain what your next steps should be.At Berger and Green, we will request your medical records from your doctors, therapists, and hospital stays. Our attorneys will review this information and will prepare the evidence to be submitted to the Social Security Administration.You should not go to a Social Security Disability hearing alone. Our attorneys will go to your hearing with you and will be prepared to fight for your disability benefits in front of the Administrative Law Judge.If you are awarded Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits, Berger and Green will provide you with continued support. You may have questions about your benefit amount and when you will receive your payments, the lawyers at Berger and Green can answer these questions. If you are denied benefits, your lawyer can appeal your case to the Appeals Council or Federal Court.

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