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Fort Worth, Texas Family Law & Divorce Law Firm

Board Certified – Family Law Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas – TBLS.  You can hire a skilled and seasoned Family Law Specialist for your legal issue! Bob Leonard is well suited to represent clients for Adoption, Divorce, Child Custody and Family Law Appeals. You will benefit from a family law attorney with extensive knowledge as well as proven success in authoring winning appellate briefs in the Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas, Family Courts.

Family Law Attorney Bob Leonard is also an experienced and respected probate attorney in Fort Worth. If you need an attorney for Probate Law, Guardianship,  Estate Planning and Attorney ad litem. Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC provides unsurpassed legal services and probate solutions in Tarrant County, Parker County and the surrounding North Texas Counties.

Fort Worth, Family Law Attorney, Bob Leonard, has the experience, expertise, knowledge and business acumen you expect in a top-flight family lawyer.  His strong negotiation skills, honed in the Texas Legislature, continually afford successful outcomes in litigation, mediation and trial.  In addition to this, his dedication to continued education brings a superior knowledge of Texas laws and cases. Perhaps most important is Bob’s unwavering client advocacy.

Legal knowledge makes a big difference.  Each year Bob spends hundreds of hours in court hearings and litigation.  For one hour in court, he spends at least ten more preparing the case.  In addition, every year he earns more than triple the number of credits required by the State Bar of Texas.

Furthermore, Bob stays on top of legal cases and trends.  As a Life Member of the Texas Bar College, he is considered to be one of the “best trained attorneys in Texas.” This dedication to double the required continued education and exceeding expectations earns the respect of clients, his peers and the judiciary.

With more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer, lifelong resident of Fort Worth, Texas, Bob Leonard, has a powerful family legacy of commitment to others’ welfare.  Bob’s grandfather and uncle, the Leonard Brothers who started the iconic Fort Worth department store, contributed mightily to Fort Worth and surrounding communities.

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