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Immigration, Entertainment, Criminal Trials and Appeals, Nonprofit law

Bogle & Chang LLC is a boutique law firm providing comprehensive, global legal services in specialized areas of practice.

We serve as counsel to a diverse group of companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, record labels, foundations, hospitals and individuals, including producers, singers, songwriters, artists, authors and actors.  

Our compelling mission is to deliver success for all clients who retain the firm.

Bogle & Chang is distinguished by its expertise in trial agility, negotiation, litigation skills and quality client service.  Quality client service requires integrity, insight, expertise, activity, responsiveness and professionalism.

We thoroughly assess each client’s needs, business, industry, and goals.  
We assemble the optimal team of resources from across the firm to tackle our clients’ legal challenges.  

We build lasting relationships with clients by delivering results.

Whether it is trials, civil litigation, transactions, arbitration, mediation or negotiation; in state or federal court; in the United States or internationally: we execute matters to lead to successful conclusion of disputes in our industries for corporations and individuals.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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