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Pelham, Alabama Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Trust, Tax Law & Family Law

Bradford & Holliman LLC is a law firm that can help you set your estate goals to care for your family in all stages of life - today, the future if you become incapacitated, and finally, when you pass away.

As an Alabama law firm, we see many personal family struggles such as:
- blended family problems with ex-spouses and children from different marriages
- older adults who must solve elder care health and financial challenges
- a special needs child with parents who sweat to pay for expensive health care
- aging men and women fending for themselves with little strength and few resources to solve long-term care problems.

We provide common sense legal resolutions to help people overcome the setbacks that life gives them. We enjoy being problem solvers.

Our focus is on meeting personal needs, creating harmony and obtaining the best possible outcome. Most importantly, we treat you like family in a relaxed, hometown, casual atmosphere.

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