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Raleigh, North Carolina Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Law Firm

Millions of people in the U.S. wake up every morning overwhelmed with anxiety about their debt. It can be impossible to find any peace of mind when you are constantly harassed by creditors, preoccupied with the possibility of losing your home, or worried about the sustainability of your business. This seemingly insurmountable problem affects a huge number of people. For private citizens, unmanageable debt can come from student loans, medical costs, mortgages, and a variety of other causes. Businesses are typically forced to accrue debt when they first start up, and it can be difficult to climb out of that financial hole. No matter how you got there, being deeply in debt can be hard to handle. It’s easy to feel trapped—like you have no options.

Thankfully, for individuals, families, and businesses, there are a variety of ways to manage your debt and work your way back to financial success. Bankruptcy is one option that helps many people achieve a fresh start. The various types of bankruptcy offer ways to eliminate certain kinds of debt, restructure payments for other debts, protect your important assets, and reconfigure your economic plans moving forward. At Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, our Raleigh bankruptcy lawyers can help you deal with your financial insecurity. We can discuss your specific situation to determine the best option for you and provide you with experienced, skilled legal representation if you decide to pursue bankruptcy.

Financial difficulties can arise from many different sources. Many consumers struggle under the weight of huge hospital bills and other costs relating to a medical condition. These debts can be particularly hard to conquer, especially when you are still recovering from an illness or coping with a disability. Other consumers, many of them between 20 and 30, are saddled with unpayable student loans. Sometimes debts seem to pile up almost overnight. The sudden loss of a job or a family emergency can leave consumers with a mountain of debt in a short span of time.

Everyone’s debts will be different, and everyone’s financial situation will be, too. That means the solution to your difficulties also needs to be tailored to your specific circumstances. At Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, we offer legal representation and counsel for a wide variety of bankruptcy and debt management options. Some of our most common practice areas include:
- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
- Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

Whether you are ready to liquefy all of your assets and start fresh or looking to restructure your debts so that you can keep some valuable property, our skilled Raleigh bankruptcy lawyers can help. We are ready to customize a strategy to deal with your financial distress and put you back on the road to financial independence.

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