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Creditors' Rights Lawyer in Washington

When a consumer files for bankruptcy, it usually means the debt that they owed to a majority of their creditors will be wiped out. But what about the financial responsibility of those creditors who loaned them the money? While consumers are legally entitled to certain rights during bankruptcy, creditors also have rights to acquire the money that they are owed.

If a consumer refuses to pay back their debt, you'll need an experienced collection rights attorney like Bradley Boswell Jones, P.S., to represent you.

For 30 years, Bradley Boswell Jones has provided creditor representation to businesses and financial institutions in Washington and throughout the U.S.

Along with his extensive knowledge of consumer and commercial collections, his understanding of real estate transactions and foreclosure solutions has helped resolve thousands of cases throughout the state.

We understand the severe financial effects that not being able to collect on a debt has on your business. We want to work with you to develop a plan to attain maximum recovery.

The law office of Bradley Boswell Jones is known for being inventive in finding solutions to problems that creditors have with recovering collateral. We can assist you with:
- Foreclosure: real property
- Collateral recovery: personal property
- Consumer and commercial collections
- Creditor bankruptcy

Additionally, Bradley Boswell Jones has successfully recovered a substantial amount of creditor collateral through court-based remedies, including replevin action. He exhibits proven proficiency in working with the appropriate county sheriff to obtain the rightful property of the creditor.

Ultimately, we will work toward resolving your case out of court. If all avenues of contact and debt repayment negotiations with your debtor have been exhausted, we won't hesitate to bring your debtor to court in order to protect your rights.

If you or your business or financial institution is seeking aggressive collection assistance and creditor representation, contact Seattle creditors' rights attorney Bradley Boswell Jones. We have successfully collected thousands of judgments throughout Washington, and are dedicated to helping you resolve your collection matters both in and out of court.

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