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Iowa Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Over the years, our clients have had one thing in common: they have all suffered a serious, preventable loss. While one client may have been permanently disabled in an Iowa car accident on I-80, another might have been bankrupt after a self-help business scam. While one client may have suffered from the effects of lead poisoning from a rented home, another client may have lost an elderly father due to nursing home neglect.

The Iowa personal injury attorneys at Brady Preston Gronlund understand that although it is often impossible to fully undo these wrongs, it is possible to recover compensation, hold the responsible party accountable, find justice, and restore your life to a state of normalcy. Serving all of Eastern Iowa and with offices in Cedar Rapids, our personal injury and consumer fraud lawyers are dedicated to applying all of our knowledge, expertise, energy, and effort into resolving your legal matter in a timely and advantageous manner.
Has a serious injury or wrongful death left you reeling and in need of legal help?

A catastrophic injury or accidental death can change families forever. While concerned friends and colleagues may recognize that you have suffered a tragedy, they may not understand how a serious injury or untimely death can deeply affect all facets of your life, from your emotional wellbeing to your career to your finances to your overall security. Even after the shock of the accident, even after you have mourned your losses, your Iowa personal injury accident can continue to prevent you from returning to a normal life for years to come as you are plagued with permanent disabilities, lost income, a lowered quality of life, or astronomical medical bills.

Unfortunately, people in Iowa are injured every day in accidents or cases of neglect that could have been prevented if not for the carelessness of another person or entity.

At Brady Preston Gronlund, we do not shy away from complicated, controversial, or complex accident or wrongful death cases -  we are motivated by them. While other Iowa personal injury attorneys may only look for formulaic or straightforward injury cases, we take great pleasure in challenging ourselves professionally and in helping those who may have been turned away by other law firms.  Above all, our Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyers strive to find justice for our clients.

Have you been ripped off by a company or business? 

In addition to Iowa personal injury and wrongful death cases, our law offices specializes in consumer fraud, commercial fraud, and financial fraud cases. When you are treated unfairly, deceived, or scammed by a company or organization, it is often difficult for one individual to legally battle a large business. However, you should understand that you have consumer rights and that with an experienced consumer fraud attorney it is very possible to secure compensation after a business scam or rip-off and prevent others from being tricked in the future.

In the past, we have assisted clients in fighting against a number of types of consumer fraud and financial fraud in Iowa:
- Deceptive money-making practices
- Internet spammers
- Bogus company claims
- Pyramid schemes
- Defective or unsafe products
- Misleading business opportunities
- False advertising claims 

Contact us today and begin your fight to recover compensation for your losses.

Especially if you have a unique, complex, or untraditional legal case, you may be unsure if you have a chance to fight back and find justice. The best, fastest, and easiest way to better understand your case and your legal options is to talk to us. Contact us today and have a knowledgeable, experienced, and specialized Iowa attorney review your case and listen to your story. Call us to set up a free, no-obligation meeting or fill out the quick electronic contact form.

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, personal injury lawyers at Brady Preston Gronlund PC serve the following cities and counties across Eastern Iowa: 

Cities: Cedar Rapids, Marion, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Coralville, Des Moines, Dubuque, Davenport, Waterloo, Ames, Hiawatha, Vinton, Center Point, North Liberty, Tipton, Fairfax, Solon, Ely, Tipton, Mt. Vernon, Lisbon, Central City, Monticello, Anamosa, Amana, Cascade, Clinton, Burlington, Newton, Grinnell, Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Marengo.

Counties: Linn County, Benton County, Buchanan County, Cedar County, Delaware County, Iowa County, Johnson County, Jones County, Black Hawk County, Tama County, Delaware County, Dubuque County, Jackson County, Clinton County, Muscatine County, Louisa County, Washington County, Clayton County, Fayette County, Bremer County, Scott County, Keokuk County, Poweshiek County, and Henry County.

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