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Employee Rights Attorney

Branigan Robertson is an employment lawyer in Southern California. He exclusively represents employees across California in wrongful termination lawsuits against employers. Contact the firm for a free consultation. Mr. Robertson is a contingency lawyer who practices employment law out of his Orange County office.

Unfortunately, employees are sometimes taken advantage of by their employers; unpaid overtime, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination are extremely common. Mr. Robertson is an employment lawyer that represents employees throughout California who suffered harassment, discrimination, misclassification, or wrongful termination. Mr. Robertson has recovered millions in verdicts and settlements on behalf of employees. Workplace fairness is his passion.

Employment Lawyer Philosophy:
- Mr. Robertson only represents honest clients.
- Mr. Robertson only practices employment law. It’s his one and only focus.
- Mr. Robertson provides uncompromising personal service.

What do employment lawyers do? After Mr. Robertson takes a case he tries to negotiate a pre-litigation settlement for the employee. Mr. Robertson loves to try to settle cases without having to fight in court. If the bad guys refuse to pay the employee fairly, then Mr. Robertson files a lawsuit using California employment law. If the case still does not settle, Mr. Robertson will take your case to trial.

Employees should not try to do this alone. You need a great attorney to handle all aspects of your case. An employment lawyer not only knows how to file lawsuits, but having the lawyer on the case automatically increases the value of your lawsuit. Although the firm is located in Orange County, Mr. Robertson represents employees throughout California.

Mr. Robertson focuses all of his attention on one area of law so that you can rest assured that your employment law matter is in the right hands. If you have a dispute with your employer you don’t want to hire an attorney who takes everything that walks in the door – you want to hire an employment lawyer who dedicates all their efforts to employment law. He exclusively practices in the following areas:
- Wrongful Termination
- Hostile Work Environment
- Sexual Harassment
- Pregnancy & Leaves
- Unpaid Overtime
- Retaliation
- Disability Discrimination
- Reasonable Accommodation
- Whistleblower
- Discrimination
- Severance Review

If you’ve been terminated from your job don’t hesitate to call the firm for a free consultation. All cases are reviewed by an employment lawyer. Some people are afraid to call employment law attorneys because they are embarrassed about being terminated. Don’t be embarrassed, unlawful termination is extremely common and we are here to fight for your employment rights.

As a lawyer, it is Mr. Robertson’s mission to provide the best representation to employees who have been treated badly at work. Sexual harassment, unpaid wages, retaliation, and wrongful termination should be a thing of the past. Mr. Robertson regularly appears before the judges in Orange County Superior Court, Los Angeles Superior Court, and San Diego Superior Court. He is also licensed to practice in Federal Court. He is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA).

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