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Personal Injury Attorney in Asheville, North Carolina

Prior to becoming an attorney our founder Brian Elston, was a claims adjuster for an insurance company. He handled hundreds of claims, but one claim in particular motivated him to help the injured. In short, a claim settled below its value because the injured employee did not know how to effectively advocate for himself. When Brian went to his supervisor to tell him about the perceived injustice, he was just told “good job.” Brian knew that if that injured employee had an attorney who could advocate for him, the result would have been more favorable and fair for the employee.That moment set the course for the rest of Brian’s life: to become an attorney and advocate for people like that injured employee.

Now, Brian, along with Chad Ray Donnahoo and Reed Williams, the firm’s attorneys strive to help those same individuals. Brian, Chad, and Reed utilize their experience and expertise to provide clients with the best, most practical outcome. As a team of attorneys, Brian, Chad and Reed have litigated in State and Federal courts throughout Western North Carolina. The goal is always the same: provide clients with superior service and effective legal representation.

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