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Brian J. Murphy, Attorney at Law | Firms | Attus

Los Angeles Entertainment, IP, Internet and New Media Lawyer

The entertainment, media and technology industries in Southern California, Silicon Valley and elsewhere around the globe are all about the ability to evolve and quickly adapt business strategies, tactics and practices to stay one step ahead of competitors who will look to take away their advantage by any means at their disposal.

Our attorneys have extensive experience across the continually expanding entertainment, media and technology landscape. We will work to provide you the greatest chance of success with the people who can make a difference, such as industry insiders, executives and investors.

That is why it is so important to hire an experienced law firm that understands that continuously evolving environment, the technology, and the national and state intellectual property laws that affect entertainment, technology, and media professionals and businesses.

Based in Los Angeles, Brian J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, offers more than 25 years of experience working with clients in California and worldwide. Major news organizations, such as Fox News and CNN, have consulted attorney Brian J. Murphy for his unique perspective on breaking news affecting the entertainment, technology and media industries.

Brian J. Murphy serves as your point of entry to a global network of attorneys, business professionals, financing experts and technology consultants. We provide clients with a powerful combination of legal insight and business acumen targeted to the needs of performers, creative professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations in the entertainment, IP, new media, high tech, e-commerce and professional sports industries.

Whether you are creative talent, a producer, an investor, a corporate entertainment, media or sports executive, an IP-based business, an Internet/new media startup or a professional athlete, our experience reflects legal skills that are essential to the accurate evaluation of the nature and value of your professional options.

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