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Brian L. Edwards, Esq. | Firms | Attus

Fort Myers, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

It is no secret that a criminal conviction can permanently impact the rest of your life. Without strong legal representation, you could spend years trying to repair your reputation. Our firm is committed to giving you the best chance at a favorable outcome, no matter what you are facing.

Here at Brian L. Edwards, Esq., we offer a free case evaluation so that you may receive legal advice regarding your situation at any time without any financial obligation or commitment on your part. Our Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer can provide you with answers, helpful discussion regarding your case, advise you as to the best actions to take, and provide you with aggressive representation in your case. As a life-time resident of Lee County, Attorney Edwards understands the local courts and judges better than most law firms.

Attorney Brian L. Edwards is one of a select few lawyers in the state of Florida who has successfully defended against murder charges. Due to his tireless efforts and knowledgeable defense, one murder case ended with dropped charges on the "Stand Your Ground" law.

If you are facing murder or even violent crime charges, you can be sure that our firm will put our extensive experience to work for you. We understand how these cases work, and we have experience on both sides of the courtroom as former prosecutors.

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