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DWI, DUI, Criminal, Federal, White Collar Defense Lawyer in Metairie, LA

Many people think that a DWI is just a ticket. They assume you can just pay the fine and go about your business. However, the reality is that if you do not have the help of a lawyer who knows how to properly handle these situations, the consequences can haunt you for years to come. DWIs are involved cases that have implications on your driver’s license and criminal record. Sal has helped hundreds of clients resolve their DWI cases, and he serves as the forceful and effective advocate you need when you face the serious situation of being charged with a DWI or other criminal offense. 

Sal Brocato’s years as a police officer gave him a deeper understanding of how police and prosecutors approach a case, and he uses this understanding to the advantage of all of his clients. His nearly 18 years of legal experience has provided him the tools, especially in DWI cases, so that he can offer efficient, complete representation to clients throughout Southeast Louisiana. 

In addition to DWI cases, Sal is able to help clients with criminal defense issues such as those involving drug crimes, prescription drugs, traffic violations, white collar crime, expungements, and fraud and theft cases. 

He also represents clients with all types of personal injury matters.

Salvador Brocato, Attorney at Law started his career as a police officer working for the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). He then spent many years working for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. During this time, he learned how to conduct a thorough investigation and what procedures police and prosecutors must follow.

He now uses the lessons that he learned as a law enforcement officer to the benefit of his clients. With more than 18 years as a lawyer, Sal provides both in-depth investigations and powerful trial skills that have led to many successful results for his clients. Some of his cases have been so important to the law in Louisiana that they have been reported.

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