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San Diego, California Tax Attorney

Although we desire to help everyone, we understand the limitations of our own resources and cannot take every person on as a client that contacts our firm. In addition, we are committed to providing those who do become clients with the optimal levels of service. Our firm actively tracks its “matter capacity” and will not exceed it under any circumstances. We do this for the benefit of our current clients and their matters as well as for the well-being of our staff. An overleveraged law firm benefits no one and, worse, may actually cause harm. Therefore, we are selective about the matters that we take on and the clients that we work with. We find that the best results are often achieved for our “A” clients and, as a result, we set expectations for our clients at the start of a matter in order to guide them toward their own success.

Although atypical among law firms, we ask for a commitment from you when we partner with you to resolve a matter. This ensures that your matter will be handled expediently and provides you comfort that no one else’s matter is going to interfere with our obligation to you. Everyone is held to the same standard. Think of it as our little system of checks and balances to make sure that you get the best possible representation.

HONESTY: We ask that you be truthful at all times, both with us and with yourself. Defining goals and objectives for our representation requires your complete and total honesty about what you want. If you are not honest with us about what you want, then we cannot fully achieve your desired goals. Additionally, changes in circumstances during representation can impact the resolutions on certain matters. We ask that you keep us in the loop with respect to these changes and hold our duty of client confidentiality in the highest regard. Honesty allows us to work more efficiently, to provide more effective representation for you, and minimizes your matter cost.

PROFESSIONAL COURTESY: Tax matters get heated. The IRS and the state are often extremely difficult to work with (that’s what we are here for). Even with the very best planning, success often takes a bit of a fight to achieve the desired results. As such, your matter may sometimes be stressful. Although this very rarely becomes an issue, we ask that you remain respectful and courteous toward our staff. They work hard and they take your matter very seriously.

RESPONSIVENESS: Effective representation sometimes hinges on things that are time sensitive. We work hard to minimize the inconvenience to you, work with any accountants, bookkeepers, or other staff to minimize your time commitment, and work with the tax agencies to provide you with as much time to respond and think as possible. However, there are certain instances where your responsiveness is critical. We understand that life get in the way sometimes, but we ask that you remain communicative and responsive with us.

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