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Oklahoma City Civil Litigation Attorneys

When you retain legal counsel, you want to know that you have made a sound decision. Whether your legal matter is straightforward or complicated by a number of different things, we want you to know that you can count on our team of attorneys. We serve clients of wide range from family law, business litigation, insurance, medical and more!

- Personal attention: Questions, concerns and inquiries will be answered directly by your own attorney.
- Straightforward legal advice: We take a no-nonsense approach to solving matters at all times.
- Diligence and commitment: We stand by your side throughout all steps of your case.
- Advocacy: We make certain our clients’ best interests are protected both inside and outside the courtroom.

While the appeal of working with a large law firm is likely the experience it has to offer, a small law firm offers the individualized attention that your situation deserves. Most of the attorneys at our firm have previously worked for large corporate law firms, where they successfully represented businesses and handled complex litigation cases. Realizing the benefit of developing a strong relationship with clients through highly personalized services, our lawyers opened up their own practice.

The lawyers at BROWN & GOULD, PLLC, have a reputation for aggressively pursuing matters, no matter how challenging they may be. We are diligent in preparing our cases and are not afraid to take a case to trial if it is in our client’s best interests. We are creative thinkers, strategic at implementing an effective courtroom strategy and highly knowledgeable in the law. Our assertive approach in the courtroom, coupled with our personable approach to working with clients, is a benefit that few law firms have to offer.

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