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Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP | Firms | Attus

Illinois Business Law, Real Estate and Family Law Attorneys

Brown, Hay + Stephens is the oldest law firm in Illinois with its roots dating back to 1828 when founder John Todd Stuart opened a law office in Springfield. In 1921, the firm became known as Brown Hay + Stephens. In the early years, many of Illinois’ finest attorneys practiced here including a young Abraham Lincoln.

Today, the firm offers a broad range of diversified legal services for all types of clients. Its reputation of integrity and competence has positioned the firm as one of the most respected in Illinois.

205 S. 5th Street, Suite 1000, Springfield, 62701, BYMWJ5eoohM5fLmPr, h84B8LZPaxAf93Moh, postaladdress