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Illinois Criminal Lawyer

Suburban criminal defense, specializing in traffic, DUI, felonies and misdemeanors.  We expertly handle pre-charge matters, negotiations, trial and appeal.

If you think you are going to be charged with something, or have a record, and would like a fresh start, please call us!

Wayne Brucar began private practice in 1996, merging with John Yetter's year old practice in 1999.  The firm of Brucar & Yetter had grown to several lawyers and support staff, and moved into the larger offices in 2008.

John Yetter has nearly fifteen years in the practice of criminal defense.  He earned admission to the Illinois Bar in 1996, the United States District Court in 2003 and the United States Supreme Court in 2006. Currently his practice includes State and Federal criminal litigation, administrative law and state and federal appeals.

For the last ten years he has defended juveniles and adults. He has handled major felony cases in no less than fifteen counties in Illinois.  From circuit court motions and judgment negotiations to hearings before the Secretary of State, his level of success is singular.

Since 1999 he and Wayne Brucar have built the Firm of Brucar & Yetter into a recognized leader in providing high quality defenses to complex prosecutions. John has practiced throughout Illinois and has practiced in the United States Supreme Court.

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