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Criminal Law in Grand Rapids, MI

Really. We’re glad you stopped by. When you are accused of a crime, your reputation, freedom, and job are on the line. Being accused of a crime affects the entire family. You need help – NOW. You need the peace or mind that comes from hiring a skilled and seasoned lawyer to represent you in and out of court. Our Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer has over twenty five years experience helping persons just like yourself. Make sure you select a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer who cares and has a solid reputation for being skilled and experienced.

Experience matters. Hopefully you will not need a West Michigan criminal defense lawyer to help defend against criminal charges. Hopefully you will never need a personal injury lawyer to represent you for an injury from a car accident. But, if you do need legal help, give us a chance to interview for the job. We can guide you through whatever legal situation you find yourself in. We have practiced criminal and civil law in and around Kent County, Grand Rapids, West Michigan for over 25 years.

Why Hire a Lawyer? Good question. You hire a lawyer for the same reasons you hire a heart surgeon: you get the professional advice and experience of someone who went through lengthy schooling, is certified in their profession, has practical knowledge, and worked with hundreds of people with similar problems. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you instantly benefit from years of training, knowledge, relationships, and experience.

The laws are more severe. Every year, more laws that tell us what we can and cannot do. Thirty years ago, police officers had discretion to give more breaks, there were less Draconian laws, prosecutors were more lenient, and there was less of a drive by the justice system to ‘be tough on crime” or to “get the numbers up,’ all of which has the net effect of making criminals out of everyone.

Always talk to a Grand Rapids Michigan criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. It is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, as your statements and actions right before or after an arrest or during a pending criminal investigation can have a tremendous impact on the outcome.

Never go to court alone. Never, Never ever just plead guilty. Always talk with a West Michigan criminal defense lawyer before going to court. Usually the charge can be reduced or one of the criminal charges can be dismissed. In over 25 years there have been few cases that we were not able to positively impact. Our Grand Rapids, Michigan  criminal defense lawyer who will advise and guide you through the criminal law maze. Your rights will be protected, and he will raise effective defenses, file appropriate motions, and protect your Constitutional rights.

When you have been charged with a marijuana crime even though you are a medical marijuana patient or a caregiver, you need experienced help. Our Michigan Marijuana Lawyer has handled cases since the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was passed in November 2008. Our Michigan marijuana attorney has won many cases involving medical marijuana patients and caregivers, many of whom thought they were in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Never talk to police. Contrary to conventional wisdom, usually by the time you are read your right to remain silent it’s too late. Miranda warnings do not have to be given until someone is ‘under arrest’ which has a much different meaning then you may think. We have seen cases where an accused was held in the back of a police car and unable to get out (doors open from the outside). But, since the police officer told him he “could leave at any time,” the court decided he was not “under arrest” and thus no Miranda warnings were required.

DON’T TALK. When in doubt – remain silent. About all you have to do is give your name and address; most situations do not even require that. What to say? NOTHING – remain silent. From our experience, it is usually a very bad idea to try and explain yourself to police officers. You may be told that if you talk it will help but don’t be fooled — it won’t. Your words will be used to convict you. Police officers are allowed to lie to you.

Abraham Lincoln once remarked that a person who is his own lawyer “has a fool for a client.” This is strong language — and yet true. Even seasoned attorneys in a legal jam immediately hire a lawyer. So should you. Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyer Bruce Alan Block will guide you through the steps of your case, ensuring your rights are protected by raising effective defenses, timely filing motions, and protecting your Constitutional rights. You can trust that he will defend your rights both in and out of court and maximize your chances of acquittal.

Persons who have been arrested in West Michigan trust Grand Rapids Michigan criminal defense lawyer Bruce Alan Block to handle their criminal cases:
- extensive experience in state courts and federal court experience.
- considerable courtroom experience including numerous jury trials.
- a long and successful track record of successfully resolving cases.
- creative legal strategies gleaned from consultation with other legal professionals

Whether or not you hire us: Don’t go alone! State prosecutors have the vast resources of the state and unlimited help from law enforcement. You do not know the rules. You will lose. You will be outplayed and outwitted. Shop around, find a criminal defense lawyer you feel good about, someone who cares about you as a person.

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