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Colorado Criminal Defence Firm

At Brune Law Office, we recognize that criminal allegations send shock waves through you and your family's lives. Oftentimes, law enforcement works to capitalize on and exploit your confusion and inexperience. As your attorneys, we step between you and law enforcement, stop the exploitation, and fight to protect your constitutional rights. 

We know that most people accused of crime have little to no idea how the criminal justice system operates.  We realize that you need to truly understand the criminal process, the risks, and the details of your options before you can make informed decisions about your case. At Brune Law Office, we practice client-centered criminal defense which centers on clear, honest, compassionate consultation. We work to ensure that you always know what is going on with your case.  

We have more than twenty years of combined experience fighting for people accused of crimes across the state of Colorado. We have taken cases to trial over 120 times. We have secured dismissals, mitigated sentences, and an array of favorable outcomes in thousands of cases.

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