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Personal Injury, Civil Rights And Employment Law Firm In Tulsa

If you have suffered a serious injury in the Tulsa or the surrounding area in Oklahoma, you need an attorney to protect your best interests. At Bryan & Terrill, our expert team of Tulsa personal injury attorneys have significant experience representing victims of serious injuries throughout Oklahoma. Our vision is to provide quality legal services through aggressive representation. Both J. Spencer Bryan and Steven J. Terrill have strong reputations in securing significant results for our clients while maintaining the highest level of service and integrity. We recognize that every case is unique and tailor quality legal services for specifically each client. We work with each client on an individual basis and develop a legal strategy that is best suited for their interests. Being in a serious accident can be a daunting experience. Whether you’re recovering from a car crash, an incident at work, or a slip and fall injury, you may inundated with medical bills. Serious injuries often require missing work, so you may be contending with lost wages. Between the mounting bills and lost income, you might be wondering how you are going to make ends meet. If you suffered damages in an accident, and someone else was legally responsible, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in Tulsa. These claims provide victims of negligence with important financial recourse and the tools to recover.

With a population of over 400,000 and nearly 1,000,000 in the metropolitan area, accidents and injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life in Tulsa. This is not only true in the more densely packed areas like downtown Tulsa and Midtown, but throughout the entire 196.0 square miles that the city covers. After an accident, our Tulsa personal injury lawyers can help protect your best interests and negotiate fair compensation for your injuries. With Bryan & Terrill on your side, you can hold the parties responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions. Many of our clients approach us because they feel trapped in an impossible predicament – they may have lots of unpaid bills, may be unable to return to work, and face an uncertain future. Our expert team of aggressive injury lawyers will work with our clients to restore hope and get the financial resources they need to get their life back on track. Good medical care is expensive. A trip to the emergency department can easily total thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of ongoing therapy. A personal injury attorney can help you recoup these expenses. Insurance companies are notorious for treating accident victims unfairly. They routinely deny, delay and defend claims in an effort to pay out as little as possible – and sometimes avoid paying anything at all. Hiring a personal injury attorney signals to the insurance companies that you are serious about your claim. Having the right lawyer can go a long way into maximizing your recovery and ease the burden of dealing with insurance claims all together.

The term personal injury refers to a legal situation that may arise when one person sustains injury in an accident, and another person is legally liable for that injury. Personal injury cases may follow one of two paths:
- A person or private entity (the plaintiff) files a formal lawsuit against another individual, entity, company, or organization (the defendant). These lawsuits allege that the defendant’s careless actions led to injury and damages (from medical bills, lost wages, pain, or suffering). In some cases, these lawsuits go to court.
- It’s far more likely that both parties reach a settlement before a case makes it to trial.  A personal injury settlement in Oklahoma usually involves several parties – the defendant and the plaintiff, their insurers, and their attorneys. In these meetings, the two sides negotiate until they reach a settlement both sides find agreeable. They specify this agreement in writing and agree to forego further legal action in exchange for the settlement.

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