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Bankruptcy Attorney in Redford, Michigan

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a tough decision—potentially one of the toughest you'll make in your life. At Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC, we know that these are difficult economic times. More and more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet with financial obligations that can often outweigh their incomes. Each year, thousands of people find relief from their financial woes by filing for bankruptcy. Contact a trusted Wayne County bankruptcy attorneyfor your free consultation!

Why work with our experienced firm?
- We are proud to provide 50+ years of combined legal experience to our clients
- We care about our clients and achieving their desired outcome
- We provide professional services with compassionate understanding and personal, attentive representation
- We pride ourselves on being accessible and straightforward without letting them get lost in the shuffle
- We stay abreast of recent decisions & changes affecting bankruptcy by attending training sessions and participating in various sections of the Michigan State Bar

To us, clients are real people with real problems—they aren't a case number and they deserve to be treated as individuals. That is why there are no cookie-cutter cases at our firm.When we take on a case, we get to know who we are working with—we don't just settle for showing up to court with a file.

At Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC, we are proud to have assisted countless clients in obtaining the resolutions that they are seeking. When you retain our legal representation, we will thoroughly investigate your situation and look at your debts, income, and expenses to guide you throughout the bankruptcy process. Through a bankruptcy means test, we can help you determine if filing for a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 is appropriate for your situation.

We want to ensure that you are comfortable with the filing and that whether you choose to file for bankruptcy or use an alternative such as loan modification, that you are informed and educated on the decisions you are making. This desire for the comfort of our client is why we aim to dispel any bankruptcy myths you may have. Contrary to popular belief, filing for bankruptcy may actually be highly beneficial to you and your family.

We are skilled at taking on cases involving any of the following:
- Foreclosure
- Creditor Harassment
- Debt Settlement
- Credit Restoration
- Wage Garnishment

When you work with Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC, we will not only ensure that you are confident and informed on the decisions you are making into bankruptcy; we will also guide you as file for bankruptcy and work to help you obtain a positive outcome for your life after bankruptcy.

Are you ready to move forward with your case? Do you have questions about your eligibility? Now is the time to contact the legal team from our firm and retain trusted legal representation. With the assistance of our firm, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands and all necessary steps are being taken to help you reach your legal goals.

All questions and concerns that you have about your financial situation and bankruptcy can be answered by contacting a Detroit and Wayne County bankruptcy lawyer from our firm and scheduling a free case evaluation. Whether you're already facing financial hardships or if you're aware that you may be falling behind on payments, you can rely on our team.

So don't waste a moment — give us a call for your free consultation today!

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