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Long Beach Divorce Lawyer

When you need effective and affordable legal representation and counsel for your family law needs, there’s no better choice than Budget Legal Center. Since 1990, we’ve provided expert legal counsel and guidance for countless clients who are undergoing a divorce, spousal separation, or child custody issue. We offer flat-fee pricing that can work with any budget and we’ll ensure your rights are protected. Whether you need help in separating your assets or you’d like to modify your divorce custody privileges, we’ll help you get the best possible outcome. Our team of fully licensed and State Bar-certified attorneys will take the time needed to understand your case and give you expert legal protection. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

No one plans to get a divorce when they get married and start a family, but the truth is, without proper legal protection you stand to lose more than your spouse. You can have your wages seized, your property taken, and all your rights as a parent revoked. At Budget Legal Center, we strive to provide the finest legal counsel and representation in L.A. County and find solutions for your family in an ethical and moral manner. Whether you’re dealing with domestic abuse issues, a bankruptcy, or an inequitable child visitation schedule, we’ll help you resolve the situation and find an outcome that is fair and allows you to move forward with your life.  Protect your rights and the safety of your family, when you call the legal professionals at Budget Legal Center today.

Who retains custody of your kids can be an emotionally charged issue that has a major impact on your life and your children’s lives. Where will they live during the school year? How often may your ex-spouse visit or care for them? Who will have visitation rights during the holidays? There are a thousand questions that need to be addressed, and at Budget Legal Center, we’ll listen to your concerns and give you a clear idea of how we can help. We’ll work with your ex and their attorney to negotiate a custody agreement that puts your children’s needs first and protects your rights as a parent. We offer cost-effective flat-fee representation and legal counseling that will give you the best possible options for the care of your kids. Are you already in a child custody agreement but aren’t receiving the child support you’re owed? We can help. We can ensure child support is paid correctly and fairly, and we’ll handle any legal issue pertaining to child support arrangements, including:
- Calculation of current child support
- Calculation and collection of unpaid child support amounts, which usually can be lowered
- Modification of child support orders based on changed circumstances

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At the Budget Legal Center, we believe you shouldn’t have to drain your financial resources to get effective family law, divorce representation, and bankruptcy help from a lawyer. We offer expert legal guidance, representation, and mediation services that are affordable, convenient, and reliable. We don’t charge hourly fees and we offer a free initial consultation for your peace of mind. Whether you’re ready to declare bankruptcy or need legal protection during a divorce, we’ll strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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