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Our team of New Jersey divorce lawyers are highly responsive and communicative. We understand the importance of keeping clients updated through the process. Are you considering a divorce? Our attorneys are are known for offering real solutions that help your family members thrive and that protect your relationships during and after your divorce.

When you entrust us with your divorce, you retain devoted advocates who prioritize championing their best interests above all else. We do everything in our power to find fair and favorable resolutions for the cases we handle—as promptly as possible. We want you to be able to move on with your life just as much as you do. Allow us to put our extensive experience and proven legal abilities to work for the benefit of your case. Any New Jersey divorce attorney from D'Alessandro & Cieckiewicz, P.C. is ready to help you.

Get the compassionate and comprehensive counsel that you and your loved ones need. Contact D’Alessandro & Cieckiewicz today at (201) 561-8441.

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Family disputes are never easy. Whether you are thinking about divorcing your spouse or dealing with a family disagreement in probate matters, our Jersey City attorneys are here to help. D’Alessandro & Cieckiewicz, P.C. has been representing clients and families in a variety of legal cases. With over 50 years of collective experience, we stand ready to guide you through every step of the process and educate you about your rights. While we are compassionate and respectful of your situation, our lawyers are dedicated to providing you with honest and straightforward counsel. We don’t like wasting our clients’ time and money beating around the bush or telling them things that they want to hear just to earn a fee. As a client of our firm, we tell it to you like it is. Our goal is to help you move forward with your life swiftly and in a cost-efficient manner.

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Extensive Experience Handling All Aspects of Family Law
If you and your spouse are contemplating on getting a divorce, keep in mind that things do not always have to end in hostility. As an experienced firm in all aspects of family law, D’Alessandro & Cieckiewicz, P.C. offers clients an opportunity to make their marriage as stress-free as possible. Our legal team has a court-qualified family law mediator as well as a collaborative law attorney who can help you and your spouse end things on amicable terms. We are here to help you mend your family even if that means going on your own separate ways.

Dedicated to Helping Clients Move Forward with Their Lives
When you reach out to our Jersey City attorneys, we want you to know right off the bat that everything will be okay. We understand that this is a devastating time but we want to assure you that your situation will improve with time. Let us be your confidant and your strong advocate during these trying times. Our legal team is well-versed in a variety of practice areas of law and we have the competence to negotiate a settlement that upholds your best interests.

Representing Clients with Honesty & Integrity
When faced with legal matters concerning your family, reach out to D’Alessandro & Cieckiewicz, P.C. We are here to provide you with the compassionate yet competent representation that you need. With over 50 years of collective experience, our Jersey City family law attorneys understand the emotional stress you are going through and the risks you are taking. We know that this case not only impacts you and your spouse but your whole family as well. As your representation, we want to assure you that everything is going to be okay. We are here to navigate you through the whole legal process and provide you with honest counsel. Unlike other attorneys who tend to sugarcoat or tell clients what they want to hear just to earn a fee, we tell it like it is. You can expect us to be straightforward in giving you the advice you need to save money and to help you transition to a better life. We also involve you in all the preparations and discuss with you the strategy that we are going to utilize for your case.

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